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Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility

As a corporate citizen of the world, Skin Virtue recognizes its obligation not only to enhance the lives of its customers, but also to improve, protect and preserve the environment - local and global - wherever we operate. Today, Skin Virtue and its partners are working to develop a broad vision of sustainability - taking responsible actions in our business and in the communities where we live and work - that will help ensure a better world today and into the future.

We continue to support focused socially responsible and responsive initiatives while designing, developing, and expanding programs to help sustain our environment.

Looking Ahead

Working with our partners in manufacturing and distribution around the globe, we are committed to ensuring environmental health and safety while also supporting programs that will help us reduce our environmental footprint. Our actions - and those of our suppliers and partners - also will target reducing, reusing, and recycling materials in our production and maximizing efficiencies in our distribution methods. Our goal - as it has always been - to provide a better tomorrow for our customers, employees, neighbours, and the world at large. As we seek to add beauty to the lives of our consumers, we seek to do the same for the planet we share with them.