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We create products for two skin types, oily & dry, here’s why.

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Whether you’re a skincare aficionado or a beginner looking for where to start, skincare routines can be confusing.

That’s why at Skin Virtue, we like to make building a skincare routine simple.

The first thing we look at? Your skin type.

What you might not know is that your skin type is something that is genetically determined (so you can thank your parents for that!), and it relates to how much sebum (oil) your sebaceous glands produce.

Why is it important to understand your skin type? Well, it’s key to finding out which products will be right for you.

To cut through the confusion, Skin Virtue has simplified skin type categories and separated them into two main groups: dry skin and oily skin.

The best products for oily skin.

If you have an oily skin type, you should be prescribed products from Skin Virtue’s Super Clear Collection and Future Advanced Treatment Collection.

Developed for normal to oily skin types, the Super Clear Collection focus on actively tackling skin concerns such as breakouts, clogged pores, inflammation and redness.

Our Super Clear Collection incorporates powerhouse ingredients such as marine and botanical actives that work to regulate oil production, calm the skin and support a healthy skin barrier function.

When it comes to the Future Advanced Treatment Collection, this range of products is perfect for all skin types. Using cutting-edge active ingredients and delivery systems, these products aim to correct and prevent skin ageing, rejuvenating and renewing the appearance of the skin.

The best products for dry skin.

For those with dry skin, products from the Pure Nourish Collection and Future Advanced Treatment Collection are the best option.

Created for normal to dry skin types, the Pure Nourish Collection is all about using nourishing, strengthening and powerful, moisturising and anti-ageing actives to help improve the quality and condition of dull, dehydrated and tight skin.

This range of products is all about boosting hydration levels and protecting the skin barrier and microbiome, while combatting the visible signs of premature ageing.

In terms of the Future Advanced Treatment Collection, you’ll notice how - unlike a lot of other anti-ageing products on the market - this range is powerful, yet gentle enough to use on dry skin types.

This way, you’re able to reap all the benefits and results of powerful anti-ageing actives, without risking irritation.

The best products for normal skin.

So, what if you don’t have dry skin or oily skin? What if you just have… normal skin?

Good question!

While normal skin types are more resistant, they do however tend to be either slightly oily or slightly dry at times. So generally, you’ll end up falling into one of these two categories.

For example, some normal skin types can suffer from breakouts and inflammation, while others will feel a little tight and dry.

Sounds familiar?

With this in mind, your skin should be assessed and prescribed either the Super Clear Collection or the Pure Nourish Collection based on your specific skin concerns.

As we mentioned before, our Future Advanced Treatment Collection targets age-related skin concerns and is suitable for all skin types.

What’s your skin type? And which collection do you use? Share your views with us at skincare@skinvirtue.com

By Gary Williams, Bio