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Our Story

Skin Virtue was founded and developed in Australia by formulation science expert Nina Gajic, who set out to create a range of highly effective, evidence-based products after suffering from oily, sensitive and problem-prone skin. Nina devoted decades to studying formulation science and clinical medical research, enabling her to understand why her skin was so sensitive and how to combat the damage that the climate and lifestyle can cause to your skin. This led to the development of Skin Virtue's innovative line of skincare formulations - a range that uses the latest ingredients and technologies to offer customised solutions that calibrate, optimise and balance sensitive, oily or dry skin.

Our formulations, testing, and analysis are performed by our experienced team of biochemists and dermatologists in our laboratory in Italy. Each product is manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards for maximum effectiveness, to ensure the best results.

Nina Gajic - Founder

Our difference

Skin Virtue is a science-backed skincare brand.

Our mission is to love, balance and nurture your skin. We are committed to providing advanced and effective products that encompass the most effective aspects of both science and nature.

Throughout our years of clinical research, we have been able to understand the complexity and functionality of the different layers of the skin and identify the triggers that manifest skin ageing. Our products have been developed around these findings, our aim is to slow down the skin's deterioration process and provide essential building blocks for healthy-looking skin.

Our collections incorporate a complex of natural active ingredients along with potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and soothing marine and botanical extracts to deliver long and lasting results that you can actually see, these ingredients are proven by science and enhanced by nature.

We deliver the perfect balance of active ingredients to oily and dry skin, which in turn provides optimal skin restoration and protection to your skin.

By leveraging multi-functional active ingredients into each individual product, we are able to help strengthen the skin barrier function, support skin stem cell longevity, and address age-related concerns with full potency and efficacy.

Our approach

We incorporate a three-phase system into our products when formulating skincare.

1. Healthy skin barrier

Our Philosophy is to nurture the skin barrier and provide it with the tools that it requires to keep it healthy, protected and immune to everyday aggressors. We focus on optimising the skin barrier function so that the skin’s regeneration process improves.

We formulate with skin-identical emollients, humectants, and barrier restoring lipids that provide superior protection to skin barrier lipid balance. Our formulations restore and regulate the moisture content of the skin, helping to preserve youthful and healthy-looking skin.

2. Skin cell longevity

Depletion of skin stem cells is the primary intrinsic cause of skin ageing. We support the maintenance of dermal stem cell characteristics and its capacity to build new tissue in the basal layer of the skin, providing skin cell longevity and delaying the loss of the cell’s power of division and growth.

3. Targeted treatment

Our program consists of three targeted skincare collections.

The Super Clear Collection is for oily skin types and works to address skin concerns such as breakouts, redness, clogged pores, and inflammation.

Our Pure Nourish Collection is for dry skin types and is dedicated to fending off the visible signs of premature skin ageing.

Our Future Advanced Treatment Collection is for all skin concerns and all skin types, this range can be used in conjunction with both the Super and Pure Collection, or as a stand-alone solution for your individual skin concerns. Developed to help correct and prevent advanced skin ageing, this range works on minimising and in most cases helping to prevent the look of ageing on the skin.

Our purpose

Skin Virtue has developed innovative skincare products that perfectly Balance and Nurture your skin.

All Skin Virtue products can be used on sensitive or allergic skin, our products are non-comedogenic, anti-irritating, and anti-allergen.

It took over a decade for our brand to develop and for us to perfect our formulations because we think skincare should not only work to nurture and protect the skin barrier, and boost stem cell longevity but also help deliver real visible results.

Our focus

We combine science-backed formulations with cruelty-free ingredients that balance, nourish and let you love the skin you're in.